Drainage Installation

Whether it be a failed soakaway, a complete new system or a repair, we can assess the issues and install a long-term solution to suit any situation. We carry out an initial site visit, which will allows us to establish the best possible outcome for your property whilst complying with all relevant regulations and future plans.

We manage all aspects of an installation ourselves including completion of a percolation test (to correctly size the soakaway system), organisation of building control, liaison with the Environment Agency , and even discharge permit applications.

We can supply and install drainage pipes, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspools, pump chambers, storm water drainage systems to comply with the sustainable urban drainage scheme, rainwater harvesters, oil interceptors, fat and grease traps. etc. We pride ourselves on our use of top-quality parts, and our attention to detail. Our installations are built to last.

Flow Patrol is not tied to any particular manufacturer, and as a result of this, we have no vested interest in using any particular manufactures equipment. This enables us to provide our clients with a system that suits their needs and the site requirements .

Drainage Design and Installation - FAQ

How much will an installation cost?

Every job is priced individually, using calculations based on your property’s needs. The price reflects the repair or installation type, as well as factors such as the ground type and access. The price of a domestic installation needs to encompass the cost of the Tank, plant equipment, waste removal, aggregates, pipe, beading, joiners, fuel, ground protection (if required) and parts. Our systems are not quick-fixes. We want to offer you a long term solution that works.

How long is it going to take?

On average, our domestic installations take a working week.  We will indicate in your estimation if it is likely to be significantly shorter or longer than this, and alter the price accordingly.

What’s your lead time?

Once you give us the go-ahead for a job, we would look to book it in for around 6 weeks later.  This allows us to order the treatment plant, plant equipment and parts and to get any legislation (such as building control) in order.

Can I still use my toilets?

We will keep you on your old system until the new one is installed and ready to be connected.  There will normally be a changeover period of approximately 1-2 hours where both systems would be out of use but that is it.

Who does the work?

We do not subcontract out our jobs and all work is carried out by Flow Patrol, giving you confidence that the work is done correctly and not to a profit costing.