No-Dig Repairs

As per the title, we are able to offer an excellent no-dig repair service. This is where repairs are carried out on a section of pipe or drain, without the system being dug up and exposed.  Different methods  include using machinery to drill materials such as concrete out of a pipe, glass-fibre patch repairs on holes or fractures in pipework, pipe re-lining, re-rounding of pitch fibre drains, which may be suffering from blisters or deformation and finally root cutting, where roots are growing into the pipe, causing obstructions.

Repairs carried out in this way are often cheaper and cause less disruption to your property, which is something our clients greatly appreciate.

No-Dig Repairs - FAQ

Can all pipes be repaired?

No.  If the pipe has completely collapsed sometimes it is not possible to clear it and reinstate it to its former position.  In this instance a new pipe would need to be laid. Pitch fibre drains can become so deformed that, when they reach a certain point, the pipe can tear. That’s why it is recommended to carry out an annual inspection, so that these kinds of low impact repair are still viable.

What is ‘No Dig’?

No dig refers to when repairs to pipe work can be carried out without having to excavate the pipe work.