Much as you would service a car, drainage systems such as pump chambers and sewage treatment plants require regular servicing to keep them running smoothly and effectively, (for example a motor or compressor running a sewage treatment plant will be running for around 8760 hours per year!).

If you discharge to a ditch or stream you will need a service on the system (amount dependent on type of system) to comply with the discharge consent that you are automatically bound by.  

This preventative maintenance, minimises the risk of costly and disruptive breakdowns or flooding and fines.  We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and honest work ethic to keep your drainage system in good order.  

Servicing can include jetting or mechanical cleaning, maintaining pumps and gearboxes (including electrical maintenance), oil changes, maintaining treatment plants, emptying septic tanks, soakaway jetting etc.

We can offer a regular servicing schedule contract to our commercial clients or a more informal servicing provision which may better suit our domestic customers.

Servicing - FAQ

Why do I need a service?

Like most things is life, a drainage system needs regular servicing to ensure it is running correctly and to carry out essential maintenance.  A service will also allow you to comply with Environment Agency guidelines and to know you are not going to end up polluting and receiving a fine.  Servicing is the best way to prevent system failure and the potential for costly repairs or even the need for a whole new drainage system.

How often do I need a service?

For most properties we would recommend servicing once a year. Please contact us for advice on the servicing of your system.

Should my system smell?

No, despite what people may tell you, a drainage system should not smell. Smells can often indicate a more serious problem, which, if left, can cause a system to fail.