Using the latest technology, we can visually inspect and trace all accessible drainage systems. We can carry out surveys that are as simple as a look-and-see, with a verbal explanation, to full reports with site plans and DVD camera footage.

Our drainage reporting software is compliant with MSCC5 for all pipework.

For septic tanks, treatment plants and pump chambers, we use an easy to understand report format, highlighting any issues that may be present or potentially cause concern, for example, hidden chambers or tanks, an undersized tank due to property expansion or build date, a structural defect, pollution risk, surcharging system and any past issues.

We cover all aspects of surveying such as home buyer surveys, annual inspection, drain tracing and locating, water pipe tracing and reoccurring blockages.

Surveys - FAQ

What is it going to tell me?

A survey can tell you whether there are any current problems with a system or whether there may be problems in the future.  They are an excellent way of identifying what a system is like when purchasing a property, saving potential costs or stresses in the future.

Can I have my septic tank surveyed?

Yes! In order to effectively survey a septic tank we would need to see it in both an empty and in-use state. Because of our high level of experience we would then be able to tell you of any historical problems, current problems and potential future issues.

What’s the difference between a pipe survey and a tank survey?

Tank surveys and pipe survey are two different things, requiring different equipment and reporting.  A pipe survey will tell you distances of pipe runs, identify hidden manholes, and pick up possible hidden problems inside the pipe.

A tank survey is an in-depth inspection, which covers current operating heights, soakaway issues, structural and safety issues, venting of the tank, historical maintenance, checking parts, whether it meets current regulations or is polluting and identifying if there is damage to the tank.