When you have a blocked drain or pipe, you want it flowing again as soon as possible.  Our vans are equipped with all the tools and machinery needed to clear a blockage, including high pressure water jetting equipment (HPWJ) that can run at 45lpm at 3000psi.

We pride ourselves on not only being able to clear blockages quickly, but also on our ability to stop recurring problems, identifying potential issues and where appropriate, offering  an estimation for repairs.  

Unblocking - FAQ

How long does it take?

With our professional knowledge and range of equipment, most blockages can be cleared in under an hour, however as it is an underground service there are times where access or issues increase this time. We will always inform you if it is likely to be longer.

Why has it blocked up?

There are a number of reasons why a blockage might occur but some of the most common is a build-up of wet wipes, fats, oils and grease, and/or damaged pipework.

How can I prevent it?

We advise that a drainage system is not neglected, all too often we see inspection covers hidden or loose which allow objects into the system that the system is not able to cope with.

Only put down the three Ps.  Pee, Poo and paper.